Why consult with a Psychologist on the Sunshine Coast?
Psychologist Sunshine Coast

Often, I’m asked, “do I need to see a Psychologist?”, or “shouldn’t I be able to cope with this myself?”.  At times, we can get into a slump, or feel stuck or trapped or feel we don’t have any control over a situation in our personal lives or at work and sometimes it helps to […]

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The Convenience Of Online Counselling in Australia
Online Counselling Australia

For those that experience trauma as victims of serious crimes the availability of online mental health services has become a welcome relief.  Getting access to quality online counselling and psychological support in Australia is becoming easier.  To give you a summary, you can get great support and real results with online counselling in Australia. There […]

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SEO Sunshine Coast – 7 Tips for Local Search
SEO Consultant Sunshine Coast

So, today I’m gonna give you 7 tips to help you go to your website and improve certain specific key elements that Google, and Yahoo and Bing are looking for, in order to help you outrank your competition. What’s the very first thing you need to be doing in order to make sure that Google […]

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How To Understand Power
Political Power Structures

Every day of your life, you move through systems of power that other people made. Do you sense them? Do you understand power? Do you realize why it matters? Power is something we are often uncomfortable talking about. That’s especially true in civic life, how we live together in community. In a democracy, power is […]

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What Are The Basic Universal Human Rights?
Universal Human Rights

The idea of human rights is that each one of us, no matter who we are or where we are born, is entitled to the same basic rights and freedoms. Human rights are not privileges, and they cannot be granted or revoked. They are inalienable and universal.  That may sound straighforward enough, but it gets […]

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Does Queensland Need A Human Rights Act?
Human Rights Act

What are human rights? They are rights that relate to freedom, to respect, to equality and to dignity.  We are now accustomed to having equality rights enshrined in legislation but those other rights are just as important because they are about how individuals interact, how they are protected, how they should be treated.  I sort […]

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Briefing to the Experts Committee on the Racial Discrimination Convention
Racial Discrimination

As we sit here today, there are one-hundred and eighty seven people who have been kept in detention by the Australian Government in remote locations for over three years. Their detention was ordered administratively, and is not subject to individual judicial review, even by the High Court of Australia. Since at least December of 2001, […]

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